Restore and protect your health and those you love with Liquid Silver health support, wound and skin care.

Silver has been known for over a hundred years to be a powerful antimicrobial. Up until the development of antibiotics in the late 1920s it was extensively used within the medical field, however, since then silver was completely abandoned for a new era of ‘wonder drugs’ called antibiotics. Over time antibiotics have not only shown their limitations, but also their obvious and often not so obvious side effects.

Improved technology over the years has made it possible to take solid silver and convert it into different forms. Two of these forms being ionic and colloidal silver. The development of the electron microscope and other research tools have made it possible to study the incredible benefits of colloidal silver.


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Liquid Silver never started out as a range of products. If you have read THE LIQUID SILVER STORY you will know that it was originally one product developed during the COVID pandemic as an antibacterial spray. Little did we know that the active ingredient, silver nanoparticles, held a world of potential in the area of healing and health. As we learnt how to harness these medicinal characteristics new products were birthed. The Liquid Silver product range available online are the ones we have tried and tested and have user feedback from. However the process of research and development continues.


1. The silver nanoparticles flowing in your bloodstream have various ways of killing pathogens that are multiplying within your body.

2. The silver nanoparticles are anti-inflammatory and thus aid in alleviating excessive inflammation caused by the immune response.

3. The silver nanoparticles facilitate tissue regeneration that has been damaged in the fight.



This is a blend of colloidal and ionic silver in purified water. This combination can be used for multiple applications including:


Spray Bottle: Spray Duo into the 3 primary entrance points of pathogens namely your eyes, nose and throat. The ionic silver is an effective on-contact killer of pathogens providing immediate protection whereas the colloidal nanoparticles line your mucus membranes with further residual protection.

It is handy to carry a bottle in your bag or car and to use before and after interacting with people.

Humidifier / Nebuliser: These produce smaller water droplets than a spray bottle and thus can carry the Duo deeper into the lungs.

It is handy to keep a humidifier with Duo at your work desk, in your car or at home to provide a zone of protection.


Duo can be used as an antibacterial spray for any form of infection including your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat. The silver ions kill the bacteria and the nanoparticles facilitate tissue healing.


This is a colloidal silver solution with a high percentage of nanoparticles in the 5-15nm range making it a potent immune booster. Available in 1 litre or 250ml bottles.


Take 15-20ml daily as a immune boosting tonic. The silver nanoparticles enter your bloodstream and help fight in coming pathogens.


At the first symptoms of a cold or flu take 3 x 25ml daily until you are well again.

Tip : Before swallowing keep the tonic under your tongue for as long as possible to increase absorption.


To be used as an antiseptic, anti inflammatory wound healing gel that can be used externally or internally.

Clean the wound with either LIQUID SILVER DUO or SCS.

If the wound is already infected apply LIQUID SILVER GEL and cover with a plaster, gauze, bandage or whatever is suitable.

Once the wound is no longer inflamed or showing signs of infection the GEL can be used on its own as a gel-like plaster. This is done by applying multiple thin layers of gel and allowing them to ‘touch dry’ between layers.

Warts, boils, abscesses, burn wounds

Colloidal silver, purified water, gelling agent


To be used as an antiseptic, anti inflammatory wound healing cream. It can also be used for a variety of skin ailments.

Certain skin conditions and wounds require a cream as opposed to a gel. Liquid Silver Gel, particularly if applied thick or with multiple layers, leaves a ‘gel-like’ plaster on top of the skin whereas Liquid Silver Cream leaves no layer and is designed for full absorption into the skin with a slight moisturizing effect. It is particularly helpful with skin conditions that need a measure of moisturising with no gel residue.

It can also be used as a second step in wound healing. Once LS Gel has been used and the wound site is now closed by a top layer of skin, then the LS Cream will continue the healing process and prevent drying out.

DIRECTIONS:  Apply a thin layer twice daily to the closed wound and allow to dry.

INGREDIENTS: Colloidal silver, purified water, lecithin, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, DMSO, gelling agent, phenoxyethanol.


SCS is a blend of ionic silver and hydrogen peroxide. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide is very low at 0.5% but when combined with ionic silver they become a very powerful antibacterial.

Unlike most of the other Liquid Silver products SCS needs to be handled more carefully. Its potent antibacterial action can cause sensitivity or irritation to some users when used internally.

PROTECTION:  Due to its reactive nature it kills pathogens very rapidly but leaves no residual protection and is thus not advised to use as a protective spray. However it is very effective for restoration purposes.

RESTORATION:  At the first symptoms of any form of cold or flu like a sore throat, runny nose or cough. Spray or nebulise into nasal passages, throat and lungs. Do not spray into eyes.

Nebulising is the preferred method of application due to its smaller droplet size. Some users have found that their nasal passages become irritated from the spray but not the nebuliser.

Liquid Silver SCS is very effective in preparing a wound for the healing process.
1. It is a very potent germ killer thus eradicating the wound site of infection.
2. Its foaming effect, when coming into contact with germs and body fluids, facilitate debridement.

DIRECTIONS:  Spray wound liberally. Open ‘moist’ wounds normally foam and a stinging sensation is felt. Leave for a few minutes. Use gauze to clean wound site. Repeat the above process until the wound is cleared of all unwanted material that would hinder the healing process.

Delicate reforming skin tissue of a healing wound can be damaged by SCS, so for this reason it is only to be used for initial wound preparation or if re-infection occurs where debridement is once again required.


The oral gel was developed to provide a slow release of the Liquid Silver nano particles into the blood stream via the sublingual and buccal route. This provides a more direct route into the systemic circulation than via the gastrointestinal system which the Tonic uses. It can also be used for any mouth ulcers or sores.


Place a ‘pea size’ of gel between your teeth and cheeks of both lower and upper jaw. Press on the area of the cheek where the gel is placed and it will shape the gel like a paste over a larger area. Leave and allow to slowly dissolve. If applied correctly it can take over an hour to dissolve.


Colloidal silver, purified water, gelling agent


This product was developed as a means of getting the maximum amount of nanoparticles directly into the blood stream in the quickest way without using the intravenous route. Some health ailments require this. We have had serious cases where Tonic and Oral Gel were just not supplying the body with enough nanoparticles to effectively kill the pathogen and when Suppository Gel was used it turned their condition around. This has been particularly effective in children with compromised immune systems and a case of Lymes disease. To many people the idea of a suppository application is off-putting because they are unfamiliar with it but in some cases its by far the most effective way of dealing with the ailment.


The gel is pumped into an applicator which is then inserted into the anus far enough (5-7cm) to discharge into the rectal chamber. If done correctly the gel remains in the rectum without running back out. Depending on the severity of the ailment it can be applied 1-3 times per day.


Colloidal silver, purified water, gelling agent


It is a refreshing, revitalising lotion spray with tea tree and lavender oils. It can be used on your hands and feet. Due to its anti bacterial qualities it can also be used as a fragrant hand sanitiser that will nourish not dry out your hands.


Colloidal Silver, purified water, alcohol, tea tree oil, lavender oil, grapeseed oil, lecithin

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