SCS 0.5 spray 100ml


A blend of ionic silver and 0.5% hydrogen peroxide producing a very powerful antibacterial. Its potent antibacterial action can cause sensitivity or irritation to some users when used internally.
Also available in 50ml spray.

Protection:  Due to its reactive nature it kills pathogens very rapidly but leaves no residual protection and is thus not advised to use as a protective spray. However it is very effective for restoration purposes.

Restoration:  At the first symptoms of any form of cold or flu like a sore throat, runny nose or cough. Spray or nebulise into nasal passages, throat and lungs. Do not spray into eyes. Nebulising is the preferred method of application due to its smaller droplet size.

Wound care:  SCS is very effective in preparing a wound for the healing process. It is a strong germ killer thus eradicating wound infection. Its foaming effect, when coming into contact with germs and body fluids, facilitate debridement.

 Directions:  Spray wound liberally. Open ‘moist’ wounds normally foam and a stinging sensation is felt. Leave for a few minutes. Use gauze to clean the wound site. Repeat the above process until the wound is cleared of all unwanted organic material that would hinder the healing process.

Delicate reforming skin tissue of a healing wound can be damaged by SCS, so for this reason it is only to be used for initial wound preparation or if re-infection occurs where debridement is once again required.


  • Ionic silver
  • Purified water
  • 0.5% hydrogen peroxide

Why use hydrogen peroxide ?
One of the ingredients in Liquid Silver SCS is hydrogen peroxide (H202).  Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a well used ingredient by companies manufacturing food industry chemicals. It is a very potent oxidizer making it an effective germ killer. Due to its potency only a very small percentage is used in the final product of a multitude of food safe chemicals. Research has found that by blending ionic silver with H202 a stable product is produced that has far more pathogen killing power than the individual products.

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