“In October I picked up a virus and was terribly sick. After the symptoms of the “flu” disappeared, I battled with extreme fatigue. I just couldn’t get rid of the fatigue. When walking just a short distance, I would be exhausted. I started to use certain of the Liquid Silver products in high dosages as recommended. Diligently used it for about 10 days. Liquid Silver definitely made a dfference, I have much more energy now, the fatigue and exhaustion has disappeared. I am continuing to use LS Tonic (only once a day now) for maintenance purposes”


“I struggled with a skin bacterial problem that would produce weeping sores on different parts of my body. These would then spread to other areas of my body. I started applying Liquid Silver Cream and Gel and Duo spray to the infected areas. One of the first reliefs was the terrible itching stopped. Then it stopped the weeping and helped heal the sores. The problem was that soon after the healing of one area of my body another area would break out in sores. It looked like i had an internal problem. I then started drinking the Tonic and taking the Suppository Gel. This made a big diffrence in stopping the ongoing break outs. It seems to have cleared out my system of whatever was causing the problem”


“I recently started to use some of the Liquid Silver products out of desperation. The reason being I just could not shake off the symptoms of a bad flu especially the fatigue that lingered for days. I used the recommended dosages of Tonic and Oral Gel and after about 3 -4 days I could feel my energy gradually returning. This was a great relief. After about 9-10 days I have no flu symptoms left and even went for a run. Thank you for the product! Now I use the products as a health maintenance program”.

“I have used various Liquid Silver products for myself and my family. I struggle with my tonsils on an annual basis. They become inflamed and it lasts for a week or more. I have tried multiple medicines to alleviate the problem. Then I tried Liquid Silver SCS. I was surprised at how quickly it worked. Within 2 days my tonsils were back to normal again. When my child of 6 years old also got inflamed tonsils I decided to use Liquid Silver SCS again as it had helped me. I got the same result in 2 days! I had a persistent sore stomach for about 48 hours that just didn’t seem to go away. Then I took about 100ml of Liquid Silver Duo and a teaspoon of Liquid Silver Gel. Soon after my stomach pain completely disappeared. I applied Liquid Silver Gel on my one child’s neck warts. Some of them disappeared in a few weeks and the stubborn ones took a few months but they are all gone now. My 2 year old boy used to be continually sick. It would cause him to loose his appetite and thus loose weight badly. I took him to multiple clinics but they kept giving him antibiotics and panado which never helped his condition. Then I tried taking him to different doctors who could not find the cause of his ongoing sickness and ended up also prescribing antibiotics. His condition would improve for a few days but then he would just get sick again. He even ended up in hospital when it got really bad. Then another mother recommended i try Liquid Silver Rectal Gel. I was quite reluctant but was desperate enough to try it. Since starting on the rectal gel his health has steadily improved and even his appetite has returned. Initially I gave him rectal gel daily but now that he is well I only give him every two or more days just as a maintenance
program. Recently my 10 year old came home crying in pain. He had severe toothache. It was a Sunday so all the doctors were closed. His crying went on for hours and I felt so helpless. Then I remembered the Liquid Silver SCS and decided to spray it into the hole in my child’s tooth then 15min later I put the Rectal Gel into the hole. I repeated this process a few times until he eventually went to sleep. When he woke up later he said the pain was gone”

“I have been suffering with stomach ulcers for years and even though i had been to the clinic multiple times for my condition I never received any treatment that really worked. Then I tried Liquid Silver Gel. Since I started using it I no longer have the pain and discomfort associated with these ulcers. My husband badly hurt his ring finger. The ring caught on something and stripped a big section of the skin off. First we tried another antiseptic cream but it was not that effective so we applied Liquid Silver Gel. We were both amazed at how quickly it helped heal the wound”.


“I am 78. On occasion I have problems with discomfort in my mouth. Recently I woke up to a very sore mouth. The left side of my face and my top lip was swollen. My lip was also numb. I discovered I had a large abscess inside my mouth just below my eye tooth. It was painful and I felt feverish. This really concerned me. I started using Liquid Silver SCS and Oral Gel. The result was remarkable! By the afternoon after two applications the lumps were gone! The swelling of my face was less and my top lip was not numb anymore. By the next morning about 95% of the symptoms were gone and by the end of the day my face and mouth was back to normal. I am so grateful and can really testify to the result of using these products”.


In January 2022 I got Covid which resulted in multiple sicknesses and boils under my arms. No sooner had I got better from one “flu’ the next would arrive or another boil would reappear. My body constantly showed signs of having a very weak immune system. Along with this came no desire or motivation to exercise and by the time July arrived I was feeling in poor health mentally and physically. I was then introduced to Liquid Silver Range. Having an open mind and knowing that It couldn’t harm me I very happily took the required dosages to see if there was any difference at all to my immune system. My initial thought was that the dose was quite high but once I got a better understanding of why and how it worked I was only too happy to begin taking it. I started taking Liquid Silver on the 26th July. For the first 4 days I experienced terrible nausea, all day and all night to the point I almost stopped taking it, but after reading that this could be a way of the body getting rid of it’s toxins I believed I needed to continue to get the most benefit out of it. By the 31st July the nausea had gone but I did start to experience some bad stomach issues for 3 days. Nothing too concerning but it was there. I must also add I drank as much water as I could possibly
consume in this period in the hope it was assisting my body to flush itself. By the 1st August the boils under my arms were almost healed and there was hardly any sign of infection. It was just the final lumps under the skin that remained. By the 4th August – 10 days after I began taking Liquid Silver I finally started to feel better. All the nausea and gut issues had gone and I was waking up with some renewed energy. I even started getting compliments about the clarity in my eyes and my glowing skin. I am now just over a 1 month in and I can stay I am feeling fantastic. There have been no signs of ill health, (the longest period since January) no boils and I have been running for 2 weeks already. It was a process taking the Liquid Silver but one that was certainly the best for my body. I can say with a smile on my face I feel healthy again and I definitely owe this to Garion and the Liquid Silver Range. I wouldn’t hesitate to take it again or recommend it to anyone.

“My family has been using Liquid Silver Tonic, Duo and the Wound Gel for months now and the results are incredible. We use all of these products on our kids as well as on our animals. Our son recently cut the top of his palate open badly and we used the wound gel to heal it up within days. Our female dog recently had her season and afterward she was struggling with discharge and we added the tonic to her water daily and it cleared it up. She also cut her paw at the beach and we cleaned it with the Duo spray and used the Gel on it and it healed up extremely fast. When we feel like a cold or flu is coming on we start taking the Tonic daily and every time it has worked to keep the “bugs at bay”. We have used the Tonic as eye drops and ear drops too and had excellent results. I could go on and on about the incredible healing properties of silver. It has become a “must have” item in our emergency medical kit and it’s our first go-to for everything now”

“I have used various products of the Liquid Silver range for a number of different ailments with great success. These include: boils, a mouth ulcer, infection in my cats eye, infected insect bites and thrush. I even used it to assist my immune system when I caught the dreaded Covid”.

“Before discovering Liquid Silver I was a loyal follower of mainstream medical products. I was not really interested in alternative forms of medication as I was under the impression that they lacked potency. Then a few years later an incident occurred that shook my faith in the mainstream medical fraternity. My 2 year old boy developed large pustule sores in his mouth. They became so bad that he could no longer take in liquids and thus quickly became dehydrated and ended up in hospital. They ran a number of tests to ascertain the cause of his condition but came up with no conclusive results. A year later he became very ill again. I tried multiple suppositories with over the counter medication but I could not bring his fever down so once again needed to take him to hospital. The tests they ran revealed he had a very high bad bacteria count that his immune system was unable to cope with. They were unable to find the cause of the high bacteria count. They administered as much antibiotics and other medication as his young body could handle and were still unable to bring the fever under control. The following day they notified me that there was nothing more they could do for him in hospital and that it might be better to take him home. Some time later we had another episode of high fever, but this time we knew about Liquid Silver and had been experimenting with it for various ailments. As a mother I had the tough choice of either taking my fevered boy to hospital (where they were unable to help him the last two times) or try this new alternative product. We started administering Liquid Silver. 24 hours later with little improvement I started having my doubts of whether I was doing the right thing but I kept administering the LS and praying. 12 hours later the fever broke. So Liquid Silver broke the fever in 36 hours, something mainstream medication and hospitalisation was unable to do. We found out later that the cause of these episodes was a compromised immune system. If my son consumed excess refined sugar it would feed the bad bacteria in his gut and cause it to multiply out of control. About a year later we had another episode, but this time we were well familiar with the expanded Liquid Silver product range. We administered the Tonic, Oral Gel, Duo for nebulising and Rectal Gel. 30 hours later my little boy was running around again. We now keep him on a maintenance program of Tonic daily and Rectal Gel every two days. We have found this helps sustain his health. My whole family now uses the Tonic on a daily basis as an immune booster and other products in the range as is needed.


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