The safety of a product is a very important topic of discussion and should be applied to anything you put into your body. This ranges from the foods you eat to the supplements and medication you take.

In the ‘old days’ we got information about medical products from the family doctor. Things have changed. The internet and social media has become the new source of information for just about everything, including health and medical products. This has its dangers. Misinformation and disinformation are rampant and the covid pandemic has certainly highlighted this. It is difficult to find accurate, unbiased information on just about anything. This becomes even more difficult when you are dealing with something controversial like colloidal silver.

Depending on where you search you can find information that strongly supports colloidal silver safety but also plenty of information claiming the dangers of using it.

These are the 2 questions to be asked before deciding on whether to use Liquid Silver or not:


1. Are other people regularly using Liquid Silver products without side effects?

We have a diverse group of people that regularly consume Liquid Silver. Some have been doing so for many months and others for multiple years. This group consists of multiple ethnic groups, both genders, and ages from 2.5 – 80 years old.
Read some of our testimonials.


2. Is there any evidence that Liquid Silver does not build up in the body over time?

This is a vitally important question for the consumption of any substance. Even if it has short term benefits, any long term build up of a substance in the body can lead to a multitude of heath issues at a later stage.

Click here to view a study detailing the absorption and excretion of colloidal silver from the body. The study strongly supports our YES answer.

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