Take our quick health quiz below to find out how Liquid Silver can support and protect your health.

Most often people equate fitness with health, which isn’t the case. You can be very fit, but not healthy since your body may lack the correct nutrient composition to be healthy. Health is built on a cellular level in the body with good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and exercise. But our bodies are also constantly under attack from pathogens and environmental factors that weaken our defences.

This quiz is a surface assessment of how healthy a lifestyle one may be leading and signal where there may be deficiencies to address and improve one’s health.  This is not medical advice, and you should always consult your health practitioner, especially about severe or chronic ailments.

Make sure you answer all the questions to generate a result.

Question 1

Do you eat a reasonable portion of fruit and vegetables every day?
Yes No

Question 2

Do you drink at least two litres of water per day?
Yes No

Question 3

Do you exercise regularly?
Yes No

Question 4

Do you take health supplements every day to replace essential vitamins and minerals that are no longer found in our modern day farming food supply?
Yes No

Question 5

Do you keep your refined food intake to a minimum? This includes sugar, gassy cool drinks, pies, pizza, sweets, takeaways etc.
Yes No

Question 6

Do you get 7-8 hours sleep per night?
Yes No

Question 7

Do you live and work in environments that are stress free?
Yes No

Question 8

Are you the correct weight for your height and gender?
Yes No

Test results will appear here when you generate your results.


You’re doing great, and your lifestyle choices mean that your immune system has a fighting chance against pathogens. Liquid Silver Duo Spray and Liquid Silver Tonic can help to keep you in the Green Zone by acting as defence against daily pathogens. Keep our Wound Care creams and gels in your medicine cabinet for those unforeseen cuts and grazes.


If your Immune System Pressure Gauge is in the orange or red, your health may be at risk. The more pressure you put on your immune system through your lifestyle choices, the greater the chance of getting sick. Every day we are all exposed to pathogens (sickness causing germs). This includes your kids at school, you at the workplace or going anywhere that you come into contact with people.

Your greatest defence against these pathogens is a strong immune system. If it is under excess pressure you need to take action.  HERE’S HOW:



This is the most effective way to lower the pressure on your immune system. Unfortunately this is easier said than done in the crazy world we live in. Most people realise that their lifestyle choices are not ideal, but the realities of life make it hard to change.

So what else can we do?


By taking a product that can effectively kill the pathogens you face every day, you will alleviate pressure on your immune system.

The Liquid Silver range has multiple products that effectively kill pathogens, and support your immune system.

Which Liquid Silver product is best suited to help you PROTECT and RESTORE your health?

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