A simplistic explanation of the two primary steps in the production of Liquid Silver will help you understand the difference between ionic and true colloidal silver:

1. Liquid Silver involves converting solid silver into ionic silver. This ionic silver is an unstable/reactive sub-nano sized silver ion.

2. Ionic silver is then converted into a stable nano sized particle. These nano sized silver particles are suspended in purified water and are thus called colloidal silver.


Due to its unstable nature and sub-nano size, it is very effective when it comes into direct contact with pathogens, however, when it comes into contact with body fluids such as blood it will bind to other substances in the fluid.

We all have a measure of sodium in our blood and when the silver ions come into contact with the sodium, they form silver chloride. In small quantities this is harmless, but the result is that it loses its effective pathogen-killing capacity. However in large quantities over an extended period of time this can cause a condition known as Argyria. It causes a discoloration of the skin to a grey blue colour. This is where a popular bit of misinformation of a blue-skinned man is circulating on the internet. This man was not consuming true colloidal silver but rather ionic silver in large quantities over many years.



Colloidal Silver is far more stable as a suspended nanoparticle and will not easily just bind to other substances, thus making it effective to use within the body. It is transported unhindered by the blood without binding to other substances.

The Liquid Silver range is developed around these two important differences between ionic and colloidal silver.  What is important to understand is that silver has different forms and each form has different characteristics that can be utilised in different ways.



You can have the best product in the world but if you can’t get it to the part of the body that requires it and you can’t keep it there long enough it is useless.

Through our experience in providing Liquid Silver products to different people with varying ailments we have found that the effectiveness of the product is strongly influenced by two factors:

1. Direct contact with the ailment and
2. Contact time with the ailment.


  • In dealing with a lung infection, the use of the Liquid Silver Tonic will provide silver nanoparticles into the blood.
  • In order to access the blood, it needs to go through the digestive system as it is a liquid that is swallowed.
  • On entering the blood, it will circulate through the whole body including the lung tissues where the infection is.  So indirectly this is a way of reaching the infection.
  • However, by nebulising Liquid Silver Duo Spray you can transport the full concentration of the product and bring it into direct contact with the infection, thereby deal with it far more effectively.


  • Mouth ulcers or abscesses are diffcult to deal with because any liquid product even if held in the mouth for 30 seconds is a very short contact time particularly for an abscess where time is needed for the product to penetrate the skin tissue to reach it.
  • Liquid Silver Gel applied in the vicinity of the ulcer/abscess will slowly dissolve for up to 20 min providing 40x more contact time than a liquid product.
  • Surface wounds like acute skin injuries or burns are easily accessible to apply Liquid Silver Gel where direct contact and extended contact times can be achieved. This type of wound treatment normally achieves remarkable results.


The Liquid Silver range of products contain a number of ingredients but the most fundamental of these is silver nanoparticles. As useful as solid silver is, it can still be termed an ordinary metal BUT when you break silver down to the nano level, you turn ordinary into extraordinary. The Liquid Silver range is developed around utilising the extraordinary medicinal properties of silver nanoparticles to both protect and restore your health.

Any other ingredient that is added to a particular Liquid Silver product is done so with the purpose of facilitating the silver nanoparticles.


80-90% of the nanoparticles fall within the 5 -15nm range. Research has shown that this size range offers the greatest level of medicinal applications.


Only one product (SCS) uses these unstable sub nano sized silver ions. The reactive properties are utilised when direct contact with a pathogen can be achieved. Other than this application silver ions are far inferior to silver nano particles for health purposes.


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Purified Water

This is by far the biggest component of any of the Liquid Silver products. It functions as the “carrier” of the effective ingredients.

Gelling agent

This is used to make a thicker product that is helpful for various applications.


Used as an emulsifier in the creams but has its own helpful health benefits.

Grapeseed and Jojoba oil

These oils are used to moisten and nourish the skin where the silver nanoparticles are facilitating healing.


Dimethyl sulfoxide is used to facilitate the transport of the nanoparticles quicker and deeper into the skin. Is also an anti-inflammatory and has shown to help alleviate pain.

Hyaluronic Acid

Used to increase the concentration of nanoparticles at the wound site, along with a multitude of other benefits.

Hydrogen peroxide

Used in one of the products (SCS) as a potent wound preparation ingredient.

Used in the manufacture process to help stabilise the colloidal solution.
Used in the manufacture process to facilitate smaller particle size.
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