At the start of the Covid pandemic I started doing some research on what products were available on the market that could be benefcial to the staff and management of our business. We were classifed as an essential service provider and so while most of the country was  under lockdown we were moving between workplace and home on a daily basis putting us at greater risk of infection.

Our business sells chemical containers and over the years we have come across some truly unique chemical products. I was looking for a product that would do more than just the mandatory hand sanitizing. My reasoning was that it’s all good and well to wear a mask, wash your hands and carry some hand sanitizer, but what about protecting the entrance points of the virus namely your nasal and mouth passages. Even if you are diligent with your mask and hand wash routine at some point there is a chance you will be breathing in the virus. It’s not the 99 times you are cautious, it’s the  one time you are not.

After some research I narrowed down two products that I believed could take us to the next level of protection against the virus. Both could be sprayed into the mouth and nasal passages to provide an anti-bacterial / anti-viral layer of protection, but before I continue it’s important for me to bring in a controversial yet important point.


My brother and I started our business with the conviction that God would use it. We have been operating for over 25 years and are still seeing God do just that. So my reasoning was that instead of just buying the products to protect us, we could buy the machinery to manufacture the products and then supply it to many more people in need, however, certain factors including the cost of importing the necessary equipment made this nonviable. I needed to find an alternative. This is where my journey with God and colloidal silver really started. I know the mention of God being involved in the development of a product may raise a few eyebrows and have the cynics start mumbling, but that’s okay, because I would be a liar if I did not acknowledge God in every aspect of the development of the Liquid Silver range. I have no chemical or scientific background whatsoever and if you speak to the people who know me you too will be convinced that if God was not involved in this process it would never have happened. And my goodness has it happened! Since the first samples of Liquid Silver have gone out to people with all sorts of ailments, there has been plenty of positive feedback and some truly remarkable results. If this is just the start of the Liquid Silver journey I can’t imagine what lies ahead….
Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20


I was sitting in the international departures section of Cape Town International with my body clearly telling me that my immune system was in a serious fight against sickness. But lets take a step back in this story…

I am most gratefull to say that since the development of the Liquid Silver range over the Covid period my health has been great. I have been reaping the benefits of the first function of LS which is to protect you from getting sick. But sometimes sickness can play dirty…

It all started when i found a tick on my right calf 2 days after my 100km mountain running event in George. I had grown up on a farm where pulling ticks off your body after being in the bush was a regular thing, so under normal circumstances finding a tick on me which came from the same area I grew up in was no big deal. Even though back then my mother had contracted Lyme disease from a tick and she struggled with very unpleasant symptoms on and off for years after. The reality is she had also pulled hundreds of ticks off her that were not carrying the disease before one eventually was. Either way it was wise to take all necessary measures to deal with the potential of this tick bite.

I started applying LS Gel, spray and cream regularly through the day onto the bite site. I also upped my LS Tonic intake. It seems I was too late though. The bite area became a red circle that continued to expand outwards. The research showed that this was a classic symptom of the spread of Lyme disease. The cream and Tonic seemed to slow the growth of the red circle down but it was not improving. I started taking the LS Suppository Gel. The idea was to up my nano particle levels in the blood so as to match the high Lyme disease bacterial load. After a few days I could see the improvement in the red circle. The hard areas on the skin surface disappeared and the itching subsided. A few more days of suppository gel twice a day and the red mark started to fade away.  Liquid Silver was winning the battle against Lyme disease.

Then however it seems in the midst of this battle my body was exposed to a nasty virus going around in Cape Town. My 7yr old nephew picked it up from some friends down the road that ended up being sick for 2 weeks. It hardly affected him as he gets LS Suppository Gel every second day. But the rest of his family got it worse. My brother whom I work with was kind enough to bring it along to the office and pass it onto me. My usual LS prevention routine would normally have kept me safe but i think both my immune system and my LS intake were so busy with the big Lyme disease fight that the extra viral load from this Cape Town gangster virus managed to find a gap into my system.

A few days later I was sitting at the international departure section of the airport waiting to catch a flight to Mozambique to run a 54km race. The tag team of my immune system and Liquid Silver were finishing off the Lyme disease fight but the gangster virus fight was in full swing. I am well familiar with my body’s symptoms when its fighting any sort of flu virus. Profusely running nose, sore body and lack of energy (tired). What I found interesting is that I had the profusely running nose but not the other two symptoms. It appeared that Liquid Silver was not allowing the virus to get the upper hand in this fight. If there is one thing you really shouldn’t do when your body is fighting sickness is to do any hard physical activity. I was well aware of this but sometimes in life we make foolish decisions and me running an ultra marathon in the heat was definitely one of them. I was hoping that by using the full Liquid Silver arsenal I would be able to avoid the consequences of my foolish choices. I was regularly spraying eyes, nose and throat with Duo to ensure I would pick up no further pathogens in my travels. I was taking Tonic multiple times a day and was now doing Suppository Gel 3 x per day.

Two days later I ran across the finish line after spending over 7 hours running all over this sandy tropical island in the heat. My biggest surprise of the day is how strong I felt. Shortly after the race I was just waiting for the consequences of my foolish actions to kick in. But they never did. A few days later I was completely back to my healthy self. Lyme disease + Cape Town gangster flu + ultra off road marathon all in one were no match for Liquid Silver.

The last few years have been an exciting journey for me to see how many great testimonies have come from Liquid Silver but in the back of my mind its hard not to have doubts as to whether it will work so well for me. But now I have my own testimony and its eradicated those doubts. I look forward to the journey ahead of how many other people will be helped.



I am not a health practitioner and have no formal education in the field of medicine or chemistry. The information within this website is based on my personal research and development. All products and information are used at your own risk.
Please note: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA.
For more information you can contact me via email info@liquidsilver.co.za or visit our contact page.

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